TA-SDK - The Original Technical Analysis Library

TA-SDK is our original Technical Analysis Software Development Kit, released to software developers in 1997.

After winning numerous awards from Futures and Stocks & Commodities magazines for speed and accuracy, TA-SDK has been updated continuously over the years to support all the latest technical indicators. No matter which asset classes you trade - stocks, commodities, forex pairs, cryptocurrencies and others - TA-SDK calculates technical formulas quickly and accurately.

Build Real-time Trading Applications in Record Time

TA-SDK is flexible and powerful. All indicators are completely customizable. For example, with just a few lines of code, you can calculate a smoothed CMO based upon Welle's smoothing, a triangular moving average, simple, exponential, weighted, volume adjusted, or VIDYA moving average. You can then take the smoothed CMO and run it through linear regression, then take that output and run it through yet another indicator, such as ADX, or apply intermarket analysis. The limitations of TA-SDK? There aren't any.

TA-SDK is available for various technology platforms, including C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Objective C, and others.

TA-SDK is lightning fast, capable of calculating indicators at a rate of tens of millions of records per second.

Using the technical indicators from TA-SDK, you can develop trading applications, market scanners, expert advisors, back-test applications and more.

Customization and implementation services for TA-SDK can be obtained from our sister company, Modulus Global, Inc.

Technical Indicators

  • Chaos Fractal Bands
  • Parabolic SAR
  • High Low Bands
  • Moving Average Envelope
  • Correlation Analysis
  • High Minus Low
  • Median Price
  • Typical Price
  • Volume ROC
  • Weighted Close
  • Accumulative Swing Index
  • Chaikin Money Flow
  • Commodity Channel Index
  • Comparative Relative Strength
  • Mass Index
  • Money Flow Index
  • Negative Volume Index
  • On Balance Volume
  • Performance Index
  • Positive Volume Index
  • Price Volume Trend
  • Relative Strength Index
  • Swing Index
  • Trade Volume Index
  • Regression R-Squared
  • Regression Forecast
  • Regression Slope
  • Regression Intercept
  • Time Series Forecast
  • Aroon
  • Aroon Oscillator
  • Chaos Fractal Oscillator
  • Chaikin Volatility
  • Historical Volatility
  • Chande Momentum Oscillator
  • Detrended Price Oscillator
  • DI+ DI-
  • ADX
  • ADXR
  • Ease Of Movement
  • MACD
  • Price ROC
  • Standard Deviation
  • Bollinger Bands (high, low, median)
  • Prime Numbers Bands
  • Momentum
  • Price Oscillator
  • True Range
  • Ultimate Oscillator
  • Vertical Horizontal Filter
  • Volume Oscillator
  • Williams Accumulation Distribution
  • Williams %R
  • Exponential Moving Average
  • Simple Moving Average
  • Time Series Moving Average
  • Triangular Moving Average
  • Variable Moving Average
  • Weighted Moving Average
  • Welles Wilder Smoothing
  • Elder Ray Bull Power
  • Elder Ray Bear Power
  • Elder Force Index
  • Elder Thermometer
  • Ehler's Fisher Transform
  • Keltner Channel
  • Market Facilitation Index
  • Schaff Trend Cycle
  • QStick
  • Stoller Average Range Channels (STARC)
  • Center Of Gravity
  • Coppock Curve
  • Chande Forecast Oscillator
  • Gopalakrishnan Range Index
  • Klinger Volume Oscillator
  • Pretty Good Oscillator
  • Advanced MACD
  • RAVI
  • Random Walk Index
  • Twiggs Money Flow

Modulus Source Code License

The Modulus Source Code License includes approximately three million lines of source code, documentation, and example projects, with a perpetual license, including source code updates, for the following products: TA-SDK C++, C#, Java, JS, VB, TradeScript C++ and C#, StockChartX C++, C#, JS, Java, Obj C, Neural Trader C++, Evo2 C#, PatternLogic C#, MyExchange C#, SuperWebSocket Data Server C#, RMD Server C++, M4 WinForm C#, M4 WPF C#, M4 Forex HTML5, M4 Standard HTML5, M4 iOS Obj C, M4 Mac Obj C, M4 Android Java and more. Most products are provided with complete source code. Support and consulting services available separately.

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