An HTML5 Trading Platform with Source Code That You Can White Label

Are you looking for the world's best HTML5 trading platform for web & mobile? Look no further.

We developed our all new HTML5 trading platform using our SuperWebSocket Data Server and StockChartX HTML5 Web & Mobile Charting Library to provide a fluid and responsive layout with all the bells & whistles (including back testing, alerts, and auto-trading via our TradeScript End User Scripting Library).

Our HTML5 trading platform offers several unique features including a Bloomberg News video plugin with a chat room and chat server, an account opening wizard, user profile views, custom controls and much more.

All colors, fonts, fields, images, and screen layouts are customizable allowing you to create a unique online and mobile trading platform of your very own.

Simply connect your market data using our SuperWebSocket Data Server, integrate your brokerage API, connect your database, and deploy the website to your web server. It's that easy. We also offer customization and integration services.

Traders will be able to access your site via any web browser, using either regular http or https with SSL. Click here to download a PDF User Guide with screenshots or Click here to download a PDF Programming Guide.

While we recommend our desktop-based trading platform for advanced trading, this HTML5 trading platform offers the convenience and accessibility of a web and mobile application on any device.

M4 Screenshots

Stand Out!

Other HTML5 trading platforms tend to look the same and function the same. M4 HTML5, on the other hand, is a source code framework that can be customized so that your offering can stand out from the competition.

White Label Trading Platform with Optional Back Office

Optional cloud-based middle and back office functionality is available and the M4 HTML5 front-end can be integrated with any existing back office.

Optional M4 Forex MT4™ Bridge

The M4 – Forex MT4 Bridge permits M4 HTML5 to connect with MT4 Servers so that existing forex brokerages with MT4 licenses can deploy custom applications across the web and on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android.

The MT4 Bridge features ultra-fast 10ms trade execution with MT4 servers using our proprietary MT4 adapter library written in low level C++ server-side code that is hosted in the cloud.

Traders can view their trade history, positions and open orders from one customizable screen. The MT4 Bridge can be white labeled and is fully customizable. Full source code is available which supports dynamic order routing, real-time quotes and historic data. Best of all, the MT4 Bridge isn't a copycat or clone of another platform, allowing your firm to stand out by offering a unique, proprietary platform.

What you should know:

1. Buying a readymade, custom-built trading platform is expensive.

2. Building a trading platform from scratch can be even more expensive.

3. Leasing a trading platform creates high, and often inescapable, switching costs, not to mention, never-ending royalty payments.

4. It is limiting and dangerous to be denied access to your trading platform source code.

5. However, using free, open-source code is even more dangerous (see our document).

Brokerages, perhaps you are paying for a platform that you don't own. Or, are you concerned your competitors are releasing new versions of their platform so rapidly you can't keep up?

Traders, perhaps you are frustrated with the lack of flexibility and support with your existing, off-the-shelf trading software. Are its limited features inadequate for your trading style? Are they holding you back?

StockChartX HTML5 Web & Mobile JavaScript Financial Charting Engine

Developed in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS, StockChartX HTML5 Web & Mobile lets developers graph real-time financial data; embed objects such as buy, sell, exit or custom image objects; add annotations, trend lines and other line studies; insert multiple technical indicators and more.

On a mobile device, such as an iPad or iPhone, StockChartX HTML5 can be manipulated using touch gestures like pinch, swipe, and tap. On a computer with a web browser, StockChartX HTML5 has a full set of mouse and keyboard controls. This provides a full technical analysis tool set with a common user interface across all devices.

Technical Indicators

StockChartX HTML5 Web & Mobile features over 80 popular technical indicators which can be customized by user-defined parameters. Our technical indicators have been validated by their authors whenever possible, so you can be sure the calculations are correct. That's why our technical indicator library has won numerous awards by Futures magazine and Stocks & Commodities magazine. View a complete list of indicators here.


  • Functional login.
  • Real time data and charting.
  • Trading interface with auto-trading capabilities.
  • End user scripting via TradeScript for back testing, alerts, and scanning.
  • All colors, fonts, fields, images, and screen layouts are customizable.
  • Real-time forex pairs quote display.
  • High performance SuperWebSocket C# data server.
  • Real-time charting via StockChartX HTML5 Web & Mobile.
  • Over eighty technical indicators from our award-winning TA-SDK technical indicator library.
  • Multiple charts can be displayed on one screen (using StockChartX HTML5).
  • Customizable orders screen template
  • Basic market alerts screen, which includes Stock Twits.
  • User-editable economic calendar template.
  • User profile editor screen template.
  • Frequently Asked Questions list template.
  • Several UI examples within the template.
  • Customizable page elements.
  • Live messaging and timelines templates.
  • Pricing plans template.
  • Custom tables.
  • Full theme support built-in.

Why M4?

  • Most companies should prefer buying to building: if you build your own product, there's an unacceptable risk. What if the end result is a failure?
  • M4 saves thousands of hours in development time. This translates to faster time to market, lower costs, and a higher ROI.
  • M4 offers full support. Your software developers will receive technical support, setup and training, source code updates, and helpful advice throughout the duration of your source code subscription.
  • Perhaps most importantly, you can earn substantial revenue with M4 by enrolling in our Value Added Reseller program.

Modulus Source Code License

The Modulus Source Code License includes approximately three million lines of source code, documentation, and example projects, with a perpetual license, including source code updates, for the following products: TA-SDK C++, C#, Java, JS, VB, TradeScript C++ and C#, StockChartX C++, C#, JS, Java, Obj C, Neural Trader C++, Evo2 C#, PatternLogic C#, MyExchange C#, SuperWebSocket Data Server C#, RMD Server C++, M4 WinForm C#, M4 WPF C#, M4 Forex HTML5, M4 Standard HTML5, M4 iOS Obj C, M4 Mac Obj C, M4 Android Java and more. Most products are provided with complete source code. Support and consulting services available separately.

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Developer Support

We provide developer setup and training via desktop sharing, so you can run the M4 platform immediately after your license is purchased. Technical support and source code updates are provided for one year and may be renewed. Contact us to get started today.