White Label Social Media Charting Website

A Twitter-based social network service that allows traders to collaborate and share charts, trading strategies, indicators, and expert advisers with other registered users while growing your site's popularity.

Our Technology, Your Brand - Social Media for Traders and Investors

Social media is growing in popularity among traders. Our new social trading solution is a Twitter-based social networking service which allows traders to collaborate and share charts, trading strategies, indicators, and expert advisers with other registered users, all while growing your website's popularity. Modulus enables you to connect with social media-centric traders so you can go further, faster.

Our solution is designed to be hosted on your servers and run under your domain name. In fact, the colors, themes, graphics, layout, font, and certain features are intended to be customized in order to make the solution appear to be your own unique service.

Our developers will customize everything for you: from colors to layouts, system-generated email notifications to Twitter posting templates, features and functionality to domain name and branding, your brand will shine through. Our developers will even publish and maintain the system on your own Amazon EC2 instances.

Advanced Administration - Made Simple and Easy

An easy to use and navigate administration site allows you to manage groups and individual users; create logins; manage permissions and entitlements; manage market data feeds; enable, disable, and manage advertising campaigns; create email marketing campaigns; track social media coverage; run reports and much more.

Information is Profitable

With this customizable social trading solution, traders are always connected and sharing ideas. Find exactly the information you need and discover opportunities you didn't even know existed, all while growing your site's popularity and ranking.

The solution lets traders use their existing Twitter login to post and share charts, messages, and opinions on stocks, futures, forex,and even cryptocurrency markets.


1. Award Winning Professional Charting and Technical Analysis Inspire Great Trading Ideas.
2. Share Charts and Trading Ideas on Twitter. Links Point to the Website for Increased Traffic.
3. Program and Share Strategies, Expert Advisors, and Indicators in TradeScript or .NET
4. Twitter Garden-hose and Fire-hose Streams Fully Supported for Continuous Connectivity.
5. Global Market Data Supported (integration fees may apply).
6. Built-in Optional Banner Advertising System.
Customizable and Extensible

The Modulus social trading solution evolves with technology and trends so your site can keep up with whatever comes next.

  • A complete, white label social media trading website integrated with Twitter
  • Award winning charting and technical analysis. Share charts and ideas on Twitter
  • Program and share trading strategies, expert advisors, and indicators in TradeScript or .NET
  • Advanced administration panel
  • High performance, scalable, load balanced, redundant
  • Includes high priority RDP tech support
  • Works with BATS or any data provider (integration fees may apply)
  • Works with MS SQL Server or MySQL
  • Uses NLog for advanced logging
  • Uses the Modulus SuperWebSockets Data Server for Market Data and Messaging
  • Comes with detailed developer documentation and programming examples
  • Programming API Features:
    • Manage contacts from your own application
    • Analyze Twitter messaging and click statistics
    • Automatically post Twitter messages and send emails from your application

Deployment Options

The service is designed to be hosted on Amazon EC2 servers. Setup and training provided.

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